Zydex accutane

Bought form:alphamuscle.coPosted on: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 - 15:31
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After a previous tren/test cycle I broke out in quite severe chest/back acne, I've always had mild acne in these areas but it was never noticeable. After doing a little research I decided to try accutane, however based of reviews the zydex brand is the only source I can find that isn't underdosed. I received an email within an hour of ordering specifying the shipping date (I had to wait a few days but in fairness they hadn't fully reopened). I sent payment and sent an email with a shipping question, on both occasions I received a reply within a few hours. I received my shipment the next morning after the shipping date, the item was well packaged, stealthy and very secure. Having never used accutane I can't fully recommend the dosage, however I have had dry lips/eyes/skin after 2 weeks at 60mg which is a common side effect at this dosage. Having never used this source before I was a little sceptical, however they are top notch and I will be using again for a wider variety of products.
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1 month 6 days ago
Thanks for the review. Have you finished using the whole bottle? How are the end results?