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Rich Piana's Liver and Organ Protector

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    Rich Piana's Liver and Organ Protector

    Is this sufficient enough while running Dbol?



    I use this product all year round, however with any methylated oral steroid you need to use TUDCA in addition to NAC and Milk Thistle found in the Liver and Organ Defender.

    I'm currently running Drol and taking Liver and Organ (9 pills a day) along with 750mg of TUDCA a day. I've also thrown in Dandelion Root which is a natural liver support. DBol is extremely toxic and if you're not using TUDCA you are running the risk of severely damaging your liver. After the Drol stops I run TUDCA at 500mg a day for one week then at 250mg a day for another month. I can't stress the importance of your liver enough.

    Also no alcohol should be consumed while taking any C-17 steroid during use and for at least a month after.



      X2. I also highly recommend TUDCA.





        on some orals

        i highly blown over go ahead and look at anadrol

        studies and the doses they used and look at what they noted sure if your on drol

        forever  can be bad but its way over hyped just what many bodybuilding gurus in real life have said the internet is just a tree full  parrots look at the studies yes orals

        are lliver toxic but there is also a geneteic predispositioN that is way over looked around the regurgitation mill



          You are correct DT and the liver is very resilient for complete recovery but that doesn't mean we should overlook some simple measures that will help maintain a healthy liver. Preventative maintenance will always trump crisis management. It is even a higher priority as you age. Some of us are experiencing some negative consequences of things we did to our bodies decades ago because we thought we were bullet proof or smarter than time.

          Everything you do now will have some effect on your body and mind at some point in time down the road so take all the reasonable measure that you can to preserve your health now without negatively impacting your present life style. Your body will be thanking you in the future.

          SEMPER FI



            semper i

            enjou reading your post but I know that orals are way over hyped and guys are not

            dropping dead from

            liver issues down the road it usually is heary and kidney

            issues blood pressure

            etc so i feel talking about the boogeyman of oral

            steroids on your liver and

            taking every supplement under the sun is a waste of

            time and a trickle down effect

            of parroting


            site to site. Know your gentetic


            than go from there orals


            6 weeks hell

            even 8 weeks is fine when done with moderation and simple

            h20 don't need to get all bill nye the beat the dead horse guy lmao love

            you semper you cool headed mofo



              I am not too old to learn and adapt DT. Thanks for the kind words.


              SEMPER FI



                Thank you for your perspective, DT. I agree with some of your thinking.

                I choose to defend my body against toxicity to the best of my ability.



                  Not doing so 'could' be a sign of laziness.... maybe.

                  I am just saying I prefer to error on the side of caution vs. the side of less concern. 

                  We all have a brain and are able to learn how to think for ourselves on the subject matter and do not need to be told what to think. Then we can make the decision that we feel is best for ourselves and when advising others. That is the point that I am taking from all who have shared now and in the past on the subject.

                  Knowledge and research in every area go a long ways in achieving our goals.


                  SEMPER FI



                    I bought it and used it,  then i thought id buy all the vitamins separately and take them. That was nuts. Way to many pills. So I went back to liver and organ defender. 3 pills 3 times a day, isnt nothing campared to 15 or  20 pills a day. Lol.  I need to start adding Tudca.  I made a pist about "Kidney Stuff" Dave palumbo sales. He  doesnt make it. But it suppose to be a really good kidney cleanser/detoxifier.

                    When I look up Tudca, i see it come in powder form, do you make your own capsules or just mix with water ? 



                      Here is the brand I choose to use-


                      I also use their NAC.


                      SEMPER FI



                        I know my reply is late,  and Semp is gone. But none the less this is why I loved having the guy around.  He always goes a extra step to help.  You'll be missed brother ! 



                          That plus TUDCA would be perfect 



                            I'd go with Synthergine EVERY time when it comes to a liver protectant/aide. Blood labs don't lie.