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Liver Detox- Guaranteed Results

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    Liver Detox- Guaranteed Results

    Ready for a 100% money back guaranteed liver detox plan?

    The liver is the largest organ in our body and is responsible for numerous metabolic processes, digestive support, blood sugar control and fat storage regulation. The most important function that the liver performs and is vital to our health is to chemically breakdown and process EVERYTHING that enters our body. When I say everything I mean everything.  Everything from a cold glass of mountain stream water to the lingering pesticides in our diet. When the liver is sick (stressed) it can no longer perform this function to full capacity which leads to many health issues.

    Most steroid users know the importance of liver care on cycle with the use of supplements i.e. LIV52, milk thistle, tudca, nac, etc. but we rarely consider the far reaching effects and benefits to that care. The liver is very resilient to a point but with enough time and consistency of abuse the liver will begin to wave a white flag and could stop functioning altogether.

    One of the best liver detoxes we have at our disposal without the use of supplements is fasting. I will not go into the ins and outs of fasting. I leave it to you to do the research and decide if the benefits are the right choice for your livers health.

    I personally prepare myself for a fast by doing a gentle 10 day colon cleanse. My personal choice for this is Super Colon Cleanse from Health Plus and recently included additional psyllium husk on the recommendation of a former member.

    Once the colon cleanse is complete I perform a strict fast consuming only lemon juice and lots & lots of water. I included lemons after reading a post by jarhead showing all the benefits that they can provide. A typical liver detox fast should last between 48 to 96 hours. It can be tough when you first do it but once you get that first initial fast under your belt each and every fast becomes easier.... NOT! Once the fast is complete I ease back into my diet of choice by first adding nutrient rich vegetables, then fruits, next very low fat proteins and healthy fats are included last. By day 3 post fast I am back to my normal diet and feeling better for it.

    Cleansing the colon and fasting on a regular basis will provide the liver with a much needed reboot and leads to a much healthier body.

    Good luck and I hope the information leads to a healthier liver and a better you.




    ssomething im going to look into , as soon as these symptoms reside a little. , no food would floor me right now. 



      Excellent broski. That’s good stuff right there!



        I see the date on this, but it's crucial, and I wanted to give it some more life (info whoring lol)  Couple of bullets that the liver does that some may or may not know.

        Increased energy levels
        Clearer skin and resistance to backne
        More regular menstrual cycle with reduced PMS (even for guys lmao)
        Freedom from sinus pain
        Fewer infections and a stronger immunity (yeah for that holy fuck PIP as well)
        Less digestive complaints and more regularity (this includes food sensitivity)
        Fresher breath and oral health
        A positive mood and sharper mind (that includes enhancements with nootropics, vinopectin, huperzine-A etc

        Enjoy, and show your liver some love.




          Something to note-

          Besides Tudca and Nac on cycle or TRT I also keep on hand Choline and Inositol. Besides the liver cleansing and fat disposal effects if needed they also serve as a nootropic when combined. The results are greater than the sum of the individual parts..... SYNERGY. I do not take them on regular basis but I keep them on hand just in case liver values quickly soar out of control. 

          “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu 


          SEMPER FI



            Fasting makes sense from the point of our ancestral diet but we were hunting and gathering there were times when we had to go without food.  Our body and mind has evolved to function in this way.  



              Metabolic flexibility ....

              Program the cells the body will follow.

              It is not just our ancestors MetalHead. It is happening everyday all around the world.. look at some of the African tribes. I watched an 81 year old man climb a tree to gather honey like he was 15.


              SEMPER FI



                I do intermittent fasting and I’ve never felt better. I’m aware it’s not a real fast but intermittent can be a good way to build up to fasting. I do 20/4. Great post SemperFi


                  Gonna try this... I just got my blood work done & my liver results are high!!!! ThanXXX


                    Originally posted by THE MOOSE View Post
                    Gonna try this... I just got my blood work done & my liver results are high!!!! ThanXXX
                    Look into Synthergine as well. Its an outstanding liver protectant/Aide