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    WOOF.  Thanks for the update.  Yeah, it would be cool to just do this for a living huh :-)    

    Real life has a way of kicking in and messing things up.  Sounds like you made wise choices!

    I tell you true, I know of NOTHING that screws up my health and work outs and energy etc...etc  like stress.

    Stress is the true mind killer and health killer.  My own has been through the roof for the last few months and everything has suffered.  Sadly the only solution I know of is to hammer through.  Glad things are looking up for your family though  and HEY TO ALL: if you have any secrets to balancing stress - please share :-) 




      I chased money all through my mid 30's. Finally started making real good money from 37-now (I'm 42.) I left a GM position 2 years ago to go back to being an estimator for commercial construction co. I took a 7K hit the first year which wasn't too hard to swallow because I was making real good money. 2 years later I work about 10 hours less a week, have zero responsibility for anyone else and my base pay is back to where it was and my bonuses are way nicer. Sometimes things just fall into place. I know they will for you too my friend. 

      Glad to hear her father is doing better and hope that you can find the balance with $/work/life. 



        A major positive in all that mayhem is my relationship with my wifey has improved big time! We are so much closer now, and I appreciate how she hung tight for the last 5 years of me eating without her and getting home late from the gym 5 days per week. So, it was a blessing in some sense that I was unemployed for a spell despite the financial wipeout. It also gave me time to assess what I need to prioritize now that I'm nearing 50, not that age necessarily has a role, but it does make me think about the future (both near and far) in a different way.  I'm one of those fellas that have the "Peter Pan" complex crossed with a bit "Superman" indestructibility. Due in part, these notions have made me a "devil may care" approach to many things and I've tended to turn it up to 11 in most things that I've done, taking risks that many would never ponder. Well, it's time to dial it down to say 8 or less. So, I'm not going to chase the stage for one, and I'm going to spend more time with my Lady, and plan more for our future instead of just mine. I left her out of my plans and goals which in hindsight were rather selfish from a relationship stand point. She's still young, and would like to do things with me, have me show her around as it were, since I've "been around." Here I am, rambling on... Blabbing in a virtual world of 1s and 0s, what a trip when u think about it 



          Glad to hear some positive came from it. Reflection is a strong medicine. 



            Damn Bro, Ordering all that shit.. you must have hit the Lottery. HAHAHAHA !!! Insane in the Membrane!



              As they say, Bodybuilding is a lifestyle... It is not for the faint of heart. And along with the muscle, there has to be brains because to put something together like you plan on doing take Brains,Time,Dedication,Money, And a good person or persons to help you along the way! Its a long road, and to walk it alone is nearly impossible. Believe me when i tell you I have not only been there, BUT I AM THERE EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE!!!  I have recently decided, along with the family and training coaches and Medical Doctors and GOD ,    That I will start my training to go for  MR. OLYMPIA I really think i have a shot it  with more work and complete dedication! Good Luck Blast, I hope your dreams come true and you can achieve your goals!!! God Bless!!!



                That's fantastic BG!!!  Just going for Mr. Olympia is HUGE...I am so excited for you!  Good luck and keep us abreast of your progress.

                And personally, let me know if there is anything I can ever do to be of help. 

                Now, go win that sucker!