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    Site Enhancement Shots

    I've been experimenting with site specific shots using testosterone only and seeing good results.

    Go back 10 years I had just shot a vial organon sust or British Dragon winstrol straight into the side of my quad. This would be the last shot that wasn't placed in my glute or shoulder for some time because the pain was so horrendous. I bet I walked with a limp for 3 weeks after that. Serious...

    I've been focusing on bringing up my rear delts along with my lower traps. They're stubborn spots for me so I tried this site shot again and saw crazy results.. weeks of training worth of growth in a few days..

    I was thinking about my brachialis next but, being a tricky shot wanted to here some experience from the board in this issue!!

    Anyone seen good results or bad with site Enhancement shots???

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    Fuck bicep shots lol.

    I don't believe in site enhancement pins. Good thing I don't because I'd probably shoot every pin in my dick!


      Hahaha, I heard that! I've been curious about the bicep shot but definitely not bold enough to jab there yet...


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        I can't speak from experience but I've heard guys say it sucks. As well as pinning calves. Of course I pin pecs with a 1" pin and people call me nuts.

      Ha, my calves are solid but the rear delts can be brought up. They don't hurt so bad and traps were painless. Tear drop hurt a little.

      They say it's just inflammation from the oil but that inflammation really helps me feel the muscle ALOT better.

      Definitely going to try upper chest, Dolf you put a 1 inch all the way in?



        I've never seen permanent growth from site specific AAS injections. Temporarily I have but from swelling, inflammation.