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    I'm considering ordering from them but the site states not for human or animal. I've only ever purchased peptides from a practitioner but they are too expensive so really looking for options but at the same time want to be safe about it. Are the products as found on the site the same products others are reviewing and giving them a try regardless of it stating not for human use? Just want to be sure before I order that they I'd really be injecting what it says. Thanks.


      I think that many peptide sites say this since peptides land in the legal gray area, thus statements like, "for research purposes only". Funny thing is our dog has had joint problems since birth, so I looked into using peptides for her. I didn't find a damn thing on using peptides for dogs anywhere. Admittedly, I did't exhaustively research the subject, digging past page two of the google search, but it was interesting to come up empty handed. Nevertheless, its not a bad thing to have a little healthy paranoia when it comes to injecting things into your body...


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        Thank, I'm going to try this company. I may have good news for your dog and for us. I asked a veterinarian about peptides for animals and using them also on humans. he told me that BPC is the same for pets and humans and they have seen good results on pets. I guess we are not supposed to use names but one of the major chain pet stores sells it on their site but requires a prescription. He said many of the peptides used for animals are the same for humans but I wasn't ale to get a full list. He is a friend of a friend so I didn't get to spend to much time asking him but the little information I did get was good. I feel much more confident about ordering. Thanks.