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    Avoid these guys, they are a shady as hell! Normally I order off proroid, well these guys spoofed their domain by linking proroid.CA instead of .COM to their site so they can get customers off them. Shady as hell if you ask me and I unfortunately got dooped into buying from them by this method of accidentally typing .ca instead of .com. I should have known this was not the real proroid but a scam.

    They did send me 10 bottles of Test Enth by GENETIX PHARMA, which is just total junk and did absolutely nothing for me. Half of it just went in the trash and a waste of money.

    Just learned they are doing this with other domains as well. Steroidscanada .COM, they are spoofing the domain with a .CA so it links back to them again. There is probably many more sites they are doing this to get business.

    If you are a real honest supplier why are you spoofing other well known sources domains to imitate them?



      I don't know either supplier. I guess thanks for sharing, I do look forward to other input if only because I am having to adjust to this new site.

      This stuff used to be the domain of moderators and not on the open forum but I think the goal of the new site is for this stuff to be more out in the open. As one of the sites new goals seems to be focused more on the suppliers (as it should be) vs just guys wanting a karma ranking (I do miss that though).
      So if this is how it's working I look forward to seeing the results.

      Sorry I am no help on this specific. They have been a member since 2017 though so I assume they have some good reviews.