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Traveling Pushups

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    Traveling Pushups

    If I was stranded somewhere and did not have any gym equipment the pushup is my go to exercise. It is very versatile and more importantly a very effective strength training exercise. They require nothing more than our own body weight and a bad attitude!

    A variation of the pushup that is very popular is the traveling pushup. It requires more core strength, tricep strength and control then any other form of pushup. This translates into an effective strength increase in the upper body, arms and core.

    They take a little bit of time to really learn the technique and to become proficient at performing. So don't give up on them if they do not seem the right exercise for you at first. Doing so IMO would be a huge missed opportunity in developing some new upper body strength.

    There are several variation that can be utilized - traveling across a flat floor, over a obstacle, onto and off an obstacle, etc.

    Without explaining the exercise in detail please do a google search for "traveling pushup". There are many great examples available and they are defiantly worth considering adding to any routine.


    Def looks like a good tricep burn. 



      Ill tell you a secret lol i did 20+ years inside or more ,  and out of all them years alot was without any weight due to circumstances ..and i got to the point where i could do 100 push ups in the first set then drop down sets ...but on average 1000 a day comb8ned with pull ups ,  dips off a desk or bed ..and i was fucking diesel ..

      I seen guys upstate that that is all they did was pull ups ,pushups and dips , dry squats ect...and they were some of the Biggest strongest mother fuckers i knew sure strong woyld back me on this 

      Look at the military ,  look at some of our brothers ripped the fucked up...calastetucs...

      They will keep your right ....



        Pushups, dips, and pullups are a staple of military training for a reason. Definitely some of the best exercises out there.