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    333pitbull no source talk in open forum! Since you're on the rules thread jow nout scrolling to the top, clicking the link, and reading the



      Just checking the forum rules. 



        got it



          Im just putting in my 2 cents in for this one for sure, and for those of you who do not know what constitutes plagiarism, plagiarism takes its course when you steal somebody else's writing and work and claim that it is your hard work. I've been through college and have worked very hard on papers and my work has been used by other people. Plagiarism in my eyes is no different than sleeping with somebody's wife.

          Plajiorism, is a serious offense within any, and all colleges and universities. I was taught about this ominous offense in highschool and I have witnessed students  expelled from an accredited University for using anothers and claiming it as their own writting and work. There is not anybody worse than a lazy sstudet steal an essay or article from the internet, claim, and copy the work and use it as his own, while failing to quote and cite the Authors ideas,  cut and paste and turn it in for a grade.

          To avoid the smallest of issued, just dont do it. Using an Author's idea, or quote from an essay or an articleand putting it into your own words is an offense unless you quote the sentence(s), or cite a used or summarized passage (in your own words) of anothers work.

          I figure that rules are rules, and I constantly break them, but I just break the unimportant ones. Lol.

          The easiest way to deal with this issue on this site is to come up with your own ideas and don't expand on anybody else's.... come up with your own shit; besides it makes for excellent ideas as well as discussion.





            Am I allowed to ask reccomendations? I'm a newbie looking for good source of hgh. 



              You can pm a member after friend ingredients them and ask questions, you can also read reviews on source pages. But it is not permitted to source or lab talk in open forum 



                Two weeks into PCT: running 40mg of Nolvadex and 50mg of Clomid daily. But I'm really bloating. I've cut back on salt and am doing plenty of cardio, but bloat remains. I recently added .5 arimidex eod, hoping that will help. Nothing, yet. Suggestions on how to not look so bloated? Also, how long should pct last? My cycle was 15 weeks, 500 Test E. 



                  You will increase your chances of a response to your question by posting it in the appropriate section. 



                    Hey brotha I'm gonna help you out, but you need to make an intro, and start your own thread to really garner productive responses.

                    There's a multitude of factors, but of the upmost importance is do not take adex while on pct! You will not recover. The bloat is most likely diet related. Salt and carbs. Without a full detail on your cycle, pct, how long after last pin you started pct, and what your diet looks like help is limited, so make that intro, and start your own thread.



                      i have thought about everything. lol