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Leaving premature reviews & utilizing ask and discuss

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    NP brotha



      the one problem I see is these new guys who signed up 2 hours ago either nutlickin a source or blowing it apart...Please look at the users leaving these reviews



        Exactly right bill 






            Originally posted by Dolf

            I've noticed a trend of members leaving premature reviews. Way too often I'm seeing reviews left for long estered compounds like test e, test c, tren e, eq, deca, and hgh after 8, 10, 14, or so days of use. When using long esters you need to give it enough time to truly feel the effects of the products being used before leaving an HONEST and ACCURATE review. Not only is it an injustice to fellow members, but the source too. Anyone with the least bit of aas knowledge will know you're not being honest and will discredit you and possibly the source if they have several of these type reviews. Please be patient and give the compounds you are using enough time for you to truly feel the effects, and then leave a proper review so that others may use it as a good and useful tool in making their decision.

            Now this brings me to my next topic. UTILIZING ASK AND DISCUSS.  This is a great tool that I feel is not being used near enough. When looking at a possible source this section should also be looked at. It gives you real time info on what's going on with a source. This is where you can say hey I've been using test e for 14 days now, and I'm starting to feel it coming on. You can discuss and ask questions of the source. If you're excited you got your pack this is the place to scream it to the world. If you have questions about a particular product from this source you can ask it here. Its an excellent tool that we the members should be taking advantage of.




            There he is..... Whew... Thought we lost a great one.