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    Okay time to start a helpful discussion. I appreciate all the direct messages and emails but after so many it's obvious we all need some help here so what the heck, lets get it started.

    So here goes: Two basics.

    A) What do you LIKE about the new site (for me sources are better represented)

    B) What do you need help with (I have a lot here but the big early one, how do I 'add a friend' anymore. I am missing this button somewhere)

    My advice out of the gate: NO NEGATIVE it or not this is the new version of MG we are not going to change it or get the old one we were used to back so lets accept this realty and move on. Bitching does no one any good.

    Lets help each other figure this out and do all we can to make the new even better than the old!

    The add a friend function is missing on this platform. I will try to find a solution.
    thanks for your remark! +1


      I'm still getting accustomed to navigating around in the site, though I haven't had much time to dig around too much. I do miss the cycle log section. So much "real time" experience and information there. I do like the look and feel of the new platform, it's pretty tight I noticed that there isn't a "thumbs down" button. I rarely use it, but when I do I mean it, which is a very rare occasion. Oh, as far as moderating, how do I do that if needed?


        No other thoughts? Come on fellas :-)

        Also did we drop, bronze - silver - gold - guru and karma stuff? I am fine if we did just wondering.