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Why There are Soooo Many Sources????

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    Why There are Soooo Many Sources????

    I know steroids are in demand and profit margins are really good but why the hell are there so many bullshit sources popping up??? Somebody chime in please!

    its said that roughly 3,000,000 people in US use AAS. And with TRY I’m sure it’s going up.

    Ideally more competition should lead to better products/competition amongst companies. Is this actually happening?

    I have one primary source and I’m loyal because I have spent time and money testing their products. I know they are legit and I don’t have to worry when I send money.

    So how do these one-off rip offs exist??? MG does a great job offering substantiated reviews so you do not have to waist money testing if you don’t want to.

    Im ranting because I’m sick of the posers pulling the industry down rather than making it better!

    Can you feel me? Let’s stick with what we already know, drop the greed because it never ends well, and get better together!


    rant over

    Before review sites ordering gear was a real crap shoot. Fortunately because of review sites now you'll only see a few unfortunate individuals get burned before they are exposed.

    In my experience most sources who end up classified as scammers start legit, but get themselves into trouble with personal issues like drug addiction or not being smart enough to have capital available and then get a bad batch of raws, and we all know how these stories end.


      I love a free market. Competition keeps things strong! But thank goodness for sites like MG that share experiences so we can in good faith trust a supplier vs just a pure crap shoot.