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Endomorphs And Mesomorphs Under 10%

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    Endomorphs And Mesomorphs Under 10%

    Achieving a lower body fat percentage for those that are genetically lean is hard enough with the recipe let alone without.

    I’m curious about experience and think this is something that may be overlooked.

    Question: How many people here run higher levels of AI when leaning out?

    The only drug that does the trick for me, without an insane diet, is Tren but it’s too harsh for me these days so I’m interested in using other means to kill the estrogen enough to really go single digit.

    I didn’t include ectomorph here because you fuckers are always lean lol!

    whats everyone else look at?

    In my experience, diet is going to be key to attain loyal fat loss. Using AI's or anti-estrogens helps one dry out [usually for competition prep], but won't really do anything to reset your metabolic set point (this notion or theory of a 'set point' is still being debated in the bodybuilding world. However, I have found in my own experience that it is a real thing. It takes an appreciable amount of time, and a shit ton of discipline and patience, but it is well worth the trouble).

    On the other hand, if you're wanting drop fat quick for whatever reason, I like the T3/clen combo.


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      X2 with blast.

      Crashing your estro is a short term answer that bodybuilders use for comp prep, and in my experience crashed e2 is not a good feeling.