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Choosing a source tips

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    Choosing a source tips

    Thanks to review sites like Muscle gurus finding a source that wont scam you is extremely easy. But just because they wont steal your hard earned money isn't enough to continue doing business with them. Must remember these are underground unlicensed manufacturers and some could be slapping stuff together in their kitchen. With that said this thread is gonna be for my tips and tips any of you other guys may have for choosing a high quality source.

    1. The most obvious way is to read the reviews and view source discussions. A source with mostly good reviews is probably not a bad option.

    2. Check and see how active the source is on forums. If hes active it means he will be more likely to answer questions quckly and be easily accessible.

    3. Check their product images. Do they have professional looking labels? do the oils look clean? vials have tops? sure labels don't guarantee quality gear but it shows how much effort and professionalism the source puts into their product.

    4. While we will NEVER truly know what conditions they are producing product in I like to look for sources that at least claim to have an actual lab.

    5. type of oils used and solvent content. high solvent content is bad and shows either laziness or poor knowledge about brewing on sources part. ask source about their recipes and WHY? solvents are toxic and Test E for example can be made without any benzyl benzoate so WHy would a source slap in 20%??? solvents can make you feel sick and cause PIP. did I mention their toxic?

    6. have others gotten bloods using this sources gear?

    7. filtration methods........22 vs .45...........the latter doesn't filter all bacteria that can cause infections!!!!

    8. give it a shot yourself. remember good quality made gear should NOT cripple you and cause severe PIP. do not be fooled by people who tell you otherwise. if your gear is quality there is no need to massage and do all the other PIP remedies people recommend. do NOT be fooled. If it cripples you throw the garbage out and find diff lab.


    Couldn't have said it better my self ,excellent +1



      This should be a sticky !! Its that good 



        thanks man.

        If anyone has anything to add feel free. I have a couple more but im not gonna waste my time unless people show they care lol.



          excellent thread man. +1. Already sticky.



            Cool ,new it was a sticky in the making ,,I know my stickies when I see them ,,   nice



              I gave this a plus one the other day but didn't get time to comment, I agree with a lot of your points but theres a couple I might question .  Im interested in this idea of brewing test e without BB though. Im not so sure you are correct on that but as I said Id love to hear more.  TestE500 gets pretty damn thick and without the BB Im guessing it would be like honey , not to mention BB actually helps reduce pip by maintaining solvency after injection. And as far as solvents being toxic, well apple seeds contain arsenic, but no one has ever died from eating apple seeds, and yes even water is toxic if you drink enough of it.

                Also don't let your self get fooled by shiny labels or someone calling their basement a "lab" .  Ive had the inside track a few too many times now and I know its a lot of smoke and mirrors in this game. Some guys are now even putting barcodes on their labels to look legit, but the bar codes go to nothing and can not be scanned. The fancy labels mean nothing except a desire to look professional and a claim to have a "lab" is nothing more than a claim. In fact it even turns out that a large number of sources who claim to brew actually do nithing more than slap labels on something and resell another source has brewed as having come from "their lab ".



                So are you saying this is a bad source who doesn't know how to brew  because they use 20% BB ?




                  Standing as far as I know for whatever reason Test cyp is more difficult to get to stay in suspension. Much more tricky than E which could explain the high solvent content.

                  different compounds require different amounts. My post referred specifically to Test E as the example.

                  secondly if you take the time to read my post. I said labels DO NOT guarantee quality product. They simply hint that the source put some effort into it.

                  Im willing to bet if you had to choose between two completely unknown sources and these two sources were your ONLY options and one had labels and the other didn't.......ill bet the labels sway you that direction even if all other determining factors are equal.



                    You want my advice for picking a source  ?   Buy a little bit from a source you get a good referral on , then send it to be mass spec tested and get a blood test your self, if all comes back good then buy as much as you can as soon as you can because good UGL sources go bad in a split second fancy labels or not.

                       My advice for taking advice from others ,  Ask the person giving it how many compounds they've run and for how long, ask the person how much bloodwork they've had, ask the person how many different brands they've run and how many purchases they've made. And if a person recommends a source how long they've been using them. A lot of guys make one purchase and because it goes smoothly they erndorse the hell out of that source. Talk to people who have made a lot of transactions.




                      good advice. that's what this is for. +1



                        Good points made here.  One thing for newbs to understand is that picking a source should take some time.  You are planning to inject this substance into your body, completely ignoring your first lines of defense (skin, liver) so be wise.  10 minutes of reading reviews is not adequate.  Send some emails, ask some questions, read ALL the reviews and discussions.  Go to other boards and read the conversations about the source as many offer services on multiple platforms.

                        The resorrces are available to make an educated choice based on alleged quality, sanitation, and price.  Nothing is guaranteed, but if you take some time and follow steps in this thread you will greatly increase your chance of success.

                        If you are completely new to these types of sites, and have not read the "new to the game" threads before placing an have already lost.



                          I would agree with all the comments on this forum topic about source checking, I think the advice provided herein is essential to a potentially successful transaction and cycle. I'm not sure there is much more to say, but there is one thing that I didn't see mentioned which I would particularly like to add that I think is very beneficial. 

                          What I do is read all of the reviews, but what I also take into consideration is the individual providing the review. I am somewhat suspicious of new sources whose stellar reviews consist of almost exclusively new members to a ranking site, to me this is a "red flag."  I look for a mix of veteran members, Mods and newbies providing reviews and look for original, but comprehensive feedback. Just a bit of insight from my perspective and I'm new here as well, but thought this would be a good point.



                            +1 Mel for diving back into the archives.. Your posts are thought out and well written. You are a valuable member that can help others..



                              You make a good point mel i am in research/marketing so this is second nature to me but this is a must for all ad should be a sticky for new members!