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First Ever HGH Home Test Kit Released

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    First Ever HGH Home Test Kit Released

    RoidTest has released the first ever At Home Growth Hormone Test Kit. Great news for those using questionable GH.

    COLORIMETRICS, LLC (maker of ROIDTEST™) will very soon be releasing the world’s FIRST product test for human growth hormone (somatropin). It is antibody-based, and thus highly accurate for identifying real somatropin. It will not be fooled by cheap gh peptides like GHRP-2, GHRP-6, Hexarelin etc., which can be found in many counterfeit products. People often use blood work to validate their GH, but of course this can be fooled by GH-elevating peptides. NOT ROIDTEST.

    This test is a game changer.

     Read about it here....




    I might have some discounts available for members. If your interested shoot me a PM.



      It will be interesting to see how this test performs. If its reliable it will be huge.


        I used this test the other day on some ugl hgh i got from a source not listed here. Its very easy to use. I am happy to say that the gh i have is real. Though its real, the purity and dosage remains a mystery until I get blood work done. Next, I'll be investing in some of the other tests that they have available. Thanks SF for posting. Oh, I may have a promo coupon available if anyone is interested. PM for details.




            On a side note for testing growth.. If you piss on a pregnancy test and come back knocked up, your hgh is HCG😱

            unless your a lady growth user, in that case may want to check your calendar


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              Nest time I have to piss, I'll give it a go