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BPC-157 Loading Dosage

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    BPC-157 Loading Dosage

    Planning on .15 daily - Is there a recommended loading dosage?

    Also curious, what type of results have you seen with it?


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      I only used it for 15 day's so I didn't really give it enough time for results but I have heard it is helpful. I purchased from an anti aging practitioner and it was so expensive. Also, I"m not sure if the dose they suggested .15 is enough to make a difference. I' ve been reading about loading and was hoping someone else who tried it may comment. Also, I'm trying to find other ways to purchase. I'm finding labs that say for research only and wonder if that is where people are buying. I've also been reading that many of these labs use other fillers and chemicals that make the peptides less effective or not effective at all so I'm really not sure what to do next In the meantime, I'm saving money so I can guy a longer supply. May take me a couple months but I'll post it once I have more time on it. Cheers.