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4-Androstendiol (4AD) - The most effective "oral testosterone" supplement!

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    I felt the same way. I don't think it's judgmental,  but rather making a logical assumption with what information has been provided. I didn't think he was scared of needles though. Just thought he trying to find a less obvious way to do a cycle. My only suggestion is that when you do your research don't disregard the info you don't want to see or hear. Sometimes when we research we only take into account the info that supports what we want to do.


      I realize I am trying to find a "sneaky" way to run a cycle. The problem with my wife is that she has never used any type of drug, and I once said that I smoked weed on a daily basis as well as tried almost every single recreational drug there is atleast once (Funny thing is, I used to get really high and then go workout during my college years which was quite fun but certainly did not help in the gains department). So she freaked out and then when we were in an argument, she told her mom that I smoked weed and did drugs which surprisingly her mom was more understanding than her. I know her point of getting family members involved was to prevent me from using any drugs in the future which I would have done anyways for our family's sake.

      Anyways, the 4AD (4-diol) source I found is expensive compared to Test-E injectable. However, it is much less expensive than Andriol. I probably won't go through with it since I only have time for 1 workout per week at the point. Will report back in the future if I try it though.