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Metformin (Glucophage) use with carb-heavy meals for better nutrient utilization

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    Optimizing natural insulin sensitivity and response is much easier while in a caloric deficit e.g. when the goal is to reduce overall bodyweight.

    My question would be is why are you looking to supplement your natural storage ability while in the process of reducing your (fat) storage? Such an initiative seems contradictory to me so I am eager to learn from you.




      You are often on my mind, Brother. I am very selective of my thoughts. In order to achieve the type of goals I aspire towards, one must be a guardian of his own mind. My body becomes a physical manifestation of my thoughts. But there is always room to hope you are well, my dear friend.



        I have extreme clarity and freedom through it.

        I hope you are well. Though I see you're banned from a site that you've devoted much of your life to for a long time.



          I sense facetiousness



            I must have lucked out somehow the first time. Now its asking me for an access code. If I can get it to actually download onto my computer, Ill post all 16 heady pages of the article



              Not an ounce, Brother. I'm here to learn and poke fun at myself. I'm smarter than the average bear, but the average bear isn't very smart. I have done my research on insulin however. When your path is straight it's easy to see what lies ahead of you.



                juicy info !!!! thanks Blaster! def +1 for that. 

                People have become SO STINGY with the upvotes these days, geeez... this is def worth an upvote from me.


                Your link has the "..." which probably depending on how you copied the link trimmed out the actual link contents... Here's the proper link = 




                  Mister-A - are you guna tease me & not please me ?? LOL

                  you got my inquisitive mind hungry for info now .... what agents do you know are efficient in discriminantly and selectively disposing glucose into muscle tissues ? 



                    Good job sam, i tried to find a proper link for a fair bit of time to no avail. Thanks



                      Check out that video above if you havent already. Gives a nice view imto the workings of glucose uptake into cells. Insulin is just one tiny step in the whole procesd



                        what video boss? you mean the article?



                          Its here. I think its in a different thread. Subz posted it (keeping track of whats where can be a challenge sometimes LOL!)




                            You're focused on the agent itself. But if I simply supply the agent nobody learns why. I'll need some time to write it out.



                              I personally don't tolerate METFORMIN well at all. Extreme stomach distress like severe diarrhea.