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    Hey All:

    I am going back through old threads as I decided this morning I want to make my own protein shakes post workout. I read some other posts that indicated some of you are doing just that but what I am wanting is can you provide measurements for me? Measurements would keep me on point versus trying to pour a stiff drink with no shot glass

    Maybe in here or in the recipe section? 

    I think Dolf and Blast both had put up a post about their home brewed shakes..maybe Sieg too?

    Thanks all! 


    For a leaner shake

    12oz unsweetened almond milk

    2 scoops ON or Dymatize whey protein

    2 tbs PB2

    1/4 cup oats 

    4 ice cubes blended up in my Ninja

    High calorie 

    12 oz unsweetened almond milk

    2 scoops ON or Dymatize whey

    2 tbs natural peanut butter

    1 cup oats

    4 ice cubes blended in my ninja



      I use unflavored whey isolate and unflavored casein. They are unsweetened also.


      30-60g of whey isolate

      2 tsp glucose

      1/4 cup white rice or tapioca flour

      1 heaping tsp of unsweetened cocoa powder 

      1 heaping tsp of cinnamon 

      20 mg potassium citrate

      1 capsule of enzymes

      2 tsp of L-glutamine

      (post work out has the same ingredients, however, I use 1 scoop of isolate and one scoop of casein. 30g of each)



        What's PB2?



          Though have yet to use PB2, it's peanut butter sans oil. Dolf loves it, and it's on my Amazon list for next purchase. I love peanuts in any form, and I lack self control when peanuts in any form are in front of me. So, in order to avoid excessive fat consumption from stuffing an entire container of peanut butter in my face, I'm going to give this PB2 a run for its money



            You can mix it with small amounts of water at a time to a paste, and spread it on food like you would regular PB with a lot less calories and fats.



              Thank you all for taking the time to put this information in here! I am going to move forward on this and do my own shakes. The crap at the store scares me; full of garbage! 



                Let me know if you need to source any bulk ingredients 



                  on the topic of home brewed/blended shakes, I've been toying with the idea of blending my own pre workout drinks. So far, I am looking at beta alanine, L-norvaline, citruline malate, betaine anhydrou, taurine, and caffeine. I'll add pure dextrose for flavor and possibly citric acid. I haven't yet worked on the milligrams for each, but I have a rough idea. Oh, probably add glutamine as well, not sure just yet. 

                  Anyone else blend their own? Fishing for suggestions regarding ingredients