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    Admin if this is in the wrong forum please let me know and I'll delete and repost. Still learning here! 

    I'm looking to start a fat burner with my cycle this round. I'm just doing Tes E at 500mg a week. Need to lower my BF another 5-10% mainly in my core area. The research I've read, has me leaning towards Clen. My source doesn't carry that so would have to order from another which isn't a big issue. However I've been told T3 works great which my current source carries. Has anyone used either or both of these or can point me in the correct direction.

    I do watch what I eat and that's helping, but not as much as I'd like. I'm eating unprocessed food. Currently doing a daily calorie intake (1800 on off days, 3000 on workout days) . On my off days Dr recommended under 1800 calories, 160 protein, and under 135 carbs. Training days 3000 calories, 250 protein, 200 carbs. 


    Thank you for all the help. C



    Unless you're preparing for a professional contest, I'd not recommend either. I'd definitely do more research & Not only on the compounds ability to burn bf but the side effects & also to understand how these compounds work in your body to burn the fat. Imo I don like messing with my thyroid, which is what the t3 does. When I studied these issues I decided that it wasn't worth the risk. I highly suggest adding fasted cardio daily & It produces great results.



      IMO, Diet is king brother. I have used Clen to basically the same doses KP gave you. NO T3. I am a guy that will break the rules. I used clen at the end of a sust/npp/var cycle. I noticed that it did lean me out more. It also kept more size and strength while on PCT. It can cramp the shit out of you even if you're drinking over a gallon. Yes, it worked for me and yes I will use again. Its more for a finishing product of your body. I have used and will use again.. This does not mean I'm recommending. some people cant handle the clen, for me I had hand shakes and sweats but fuckin cramps were nuts... Good luck with your decision... Absolutely do not fuck with t3 and your thyroid...



        u can use the Clenbuterol depending on your tolerance. For the T3 if it's your first time I wouldn't go for that, T3 is some powerful stuff. Drink plenty of water; 1.5-2 gallons a day. I posted below a Clen starting point. Your doses may be lower than this depending on how your body reacts !!

        Day 1-2: 20mcg
        Day 3-4: 40mcg 
        Day 5-6: 60mcg
        Day 7-9: 
        Day 10-12: 40mcg
        Day 13-14: 20mcg



          The ShAKeS suck !! 



            There's a lot of experience here bro & good advice based on other people's experiences. But yours may not be the same experience, all bodies are different & React different. Please don't take or insert any compound into your body that you don't fully understand both the benefits & potential downfalls. Understand what the compound is actually doing to your body to get your body to cooperate.



              Yes KP they do. I didn't run the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off deal. I ran it 6 straight weeks taking ketotifen.  Hard to recommend to a new guy. Bro, My answer is always fuck it, I'm in but cant play with other people.



                Thanks for the input. I agree and plan on doing more research on whatever I decided. Just looking for input from others who have went with certain stuff. I'm not going to mess with the T3 after reading a few of the reviews and learning what it effects. Still considering the Clen, seems with a little more education on it, I'll make a better decision. If anyone has any other recommendations, please feel free to chime in. Like I mentioned I do watch my diet and workout pretty intensively with cardio especially when doing boxing training 2-3 times a week. 




                  I posted by intake in my initial message, no fatty fat foods. I actually get the blue apron delivery if you're familiar with it. All meals are under 700 calories and all whole foods, nothing processed. I eat like that when I fix my own meals also. So unless I need to change my intake numbers,I should be dropping fat regularly. 



                    Hey good topic and awesome avatar. That shit makes me laugh for like ten seconds every time I see it.

                    I got a couple things I want to point out that I'm not sure you're noticing. The first is that your current cardio routine may not be optimal. Jarhead recommended fasted cardio. Fasted low intensity cardio ranging in duration from 20 - 60 minutes (depending on your BF) is the weapon of choice in body composition alteration. Bodybuilders have been cutting fat and gaining muscle simultaneously while implementing low intensity cardio, usually in a fasted state, since the 60s. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has some solid research that it may be even more beneficial than low intensity, but the majority of the best BBs in the world choose to do low intensity still. Mostly because it works. You said that your cardio routine is a high intensity boxing session 2-3 times a week. Such cardio may be intense, leave you winded and make you sweat like a pig, but when your heart rate gets past a certain threshold (about 160 bpm for your age and BF) you're not burning fat efficiently.  The cardio is so intense that you start to burn muscle once your glucose is depleted. Given that your not taking in a lot of carbs, it won't take long for your body to start pulling from muscle cells to fuel the boxing.  Keeping the intensity lower (about 120-130 bpm for you) and maintaining that heart rate for 45 - 60 minutes a day 3-5 days a week will be the optimal fat burning/muscle sparing cardio protocol if body composition is your main goal. Doing it on an empty stomach ensures that you're not spending the first 40 minutes of cardio burning through the meal you ate before you got to the gym, but rather attacking the fat stores immediately as your blood sugar will be at its lowest levels of the day.

                    Furthermore, I'd like to see you try carb cycling as well as a more keto based diet. It sounds to me like you haven't put a lot of healthy fats into your diet as you've never mentioned them. A higher fat intake along with lowered carb intake will adapt your body into utilizing fat as fuel which will then train your metabolism to burn fat more efficiently, even while at rest. The key here is to experiment with your macros. Find what works and what doesn't work. Don't be overly concerned with the calories, but be concerned with the macros. Play with those numbers.  All in all, Jarhead's advice of implementing fasted cardio, especially at the highest range of 60 minutes a day, will drastically affect your fat loss.

                    I find that the best results come from focusing on one thing at a time; e.g. if you want a bigger bench press, having a secondary goal of losing bodyfat will slow your bench press progress. Dividing your time and focus spreads your effort out and minimizes its effectiveness. If body composition is your goal then putting the boxing gloves down until you get where you want to be will fast track your progress. You can still have multiple goals at once or enjoy multiple disciplines, hobbies, etc, but understand your progress is likely to be slowed down.



                      Great info brother... Excellent job!!



                        that type of diet where you change it up the amount of calories like every other day. The body needs some homeostasis so you can see how you respond to certain calorie/macronutrient ranges and then manipulate them from there. How will you know whether to move up or down if you dont have a consistent calorie range and gauge your results for atleast a month>???? Also the body repairs the day after training and the night after probably more than the day of so dropping the calories the following day bc it is a rest day is silly.



                          The king to me for fat burn is fasted cardio with a diet  geared towards fat loss  there are all kinds of weight loss tools eca stack Clen t3  I can't use Clen sides are horrible  like kp said t3 is powerful shit i used it for the first time tecently and it will def burn fat but it is dangerous I never got above 75 mcg that was all I wanted and when I stopped I was eating more than when I started it made me very hungry so what I lost can back before I cut my calories back down  I prob will not use again not enough to justify the risk imo 



                            eca stack is a much safer option than clen or t3 if you insist on adding a fat burning agent, but you know diet is king baby



                              X2 with Cheezy on keeping calories consistent day to day. I keeo cals the same and just adjust my macros, pretty regularly actually. Figuring out your carbs and fat ratios is the key. I found my protein sweet spot and have kept it there for awhile. If I do fasted cardio I get tighter. If I dont, I get fatter. Its that simple for me.