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    armour thyroid

    Anyone have any experience with Armour thyroid? My TRT doc has prescribed it to me. Oddly enough my thyroid levels have always been in the normal range so I have never taken it despite the Docs recommendations because she literally could not give me a good explanation on why I needed it other that it will get my thyroid working optimally. I have no issue with this as I have read where many will use T3 in a cutting cycle. Armour thyroid has both T3 and T4. Ive seen both pros and cons in screwing with ones thyroid so I have been apprehensive to say the least. Any thoughts or experience any has on this would be greatly appreciated. I continue to get it prescribed and have a small stock pile of it if someday I want to add it to a cycle or off cycle if its worth it for any significant benefits. 


    I would get a second opinion, I don't see why a doctor would want to prescribe Armoir Throid if your levels are consistently within normal range. Unless there is something she isn't telling you, which isn't cool at all.

    The throid is not something to mess around with so be careful, but I say if it ain't broke don't fix it

    There are much safer ways to drop some body fat if that s all you are using t3/t4.



      X2 with ermahgerd. I'd get a second opinion!



        BN - like you said its a comb of T3/T4. So its more lenient than straight T3. They usually are dispensed at 33mg tabs. My TRT doc prescribed it to me for years now, i use it sporadically. I was first assigned Nature Throid, another Dessicated Thyroid. Nature Thyroid although very close formula gave me Anxiety, and made my palms sweaty constantly which i hated. So i switched to Armour and had a much better experience. My take on T3 or Armour is that they are VERY catabolic drugs. Even when my diet is optimal & i constantly have BCAAs and proteins in my body, i cant take more than 6 weeks of them even at 15mg ED. I start seeing results in the gym halting, and loosing some muscle mass gradually. Hence once i hit the 6 week mark, catabolic effects kick in real strong in my body.  My guess is its like a blind shredder, it goes hard at fat deposits and does not shy away from burning muscles too.

        Positive effect? Well, i've seen nothing more effective in loosing fat everywhere in my body even the stubborn areas, and boy its fast!! So, when i run it i do 6 weeks ~ 15mg ED , and then i cut it out. Appetite goes up when administering it as well.

        I use it only when im trying to loose stubborn fat or when im trying to cut up for an occassion. Otherwise, i avoid it.



          Thank you all for the responses and wisdom. Much appreciated. 



            Hi fella, I know I'm late on this thread but I'm looking at adding a 6 week T3 cycle with my Clen to clean up my long Test/EQ cycle, Ive heard some bad shit with both Clen & T3 but at my age (48) I just can't get rid of last bit of belly fat, I'm at 13%BF and want something that can aid when I start cutting. What are your thoughts? Many thanks.



              T3 is v catabolic bro. Watch out, and if you decide to use it go VERY low on the dose, and keep it short (6 weeks max). Although its catabolic, it shaves fat tissue off me like a razor!! Nothing really works that fast & good for me.

              IMO if you're just trying to cut in the end of your cycle, introduce Proviron and Anavar (both orals) for the last 6 weeks of your cycle, and that should get you cut. If not, use Epistane the prehormone, that stuff works magic with me getting me hard & cut. Oral Winny, i dont recommend 'cause of the joint pains & real harsh on liver. Another option is anavar AND Masteron for last 6 weeks. Run masteron at 350mg/w minimum.

              Clen - no idea. From its mode of action, i wouldnt try it personally. 



                Cheers mate great advice. Winny is the Devil's drug and I love Var & Provi! Think I might give the T3 a go, start low 25mcg Ed and ramp up to 75 Ed and then taper down, 4 weeks all in! But then again...Masteron sounds interesting!

                Cheers Bro.



                  25 units sounds high for T3. Start off at teens (15 or so). Then taper up. 75 units ED is ridiculous imo. Doubt you want to go that high with T3. Advice would be to get blood work (Thyroid panel) when you are at 30 units say for couple of weeks and see if you hit your sweet spot BEFORE you taper upwards. Remember we're not just throwing shit into our system saying "more is better", we're optimizing the system so LESS is MORE

                  Masteron is great at high doses. At 200 mg/w , you'll see nothing significant. It needs to be run high and stacked to shine.

                  if you need any other help, please, im happy to help.




                    Cheers fella, really appreciate the advice. 



                      Have you considered IODINE 6.25mg?

                      Read up on it concerning the thyroid.

                      i-Thyroid by RLC Labs is pretty inexpensive online.



                        I would never fuck with my thyroid to cut, there are safer ways to go about it



                          Iodine, Kelp, ... all the natural thyroid supplements never work for me. They just dont. Maybe its just me, but they are useless to me.

                          If you remember the prohormone 11X which was a cortisol suppressor, it actually sets your thyroid on fire ! When i take it i know my thyroid is runing optimal. Weird isnt it? Its not claimed by the product nor is it published knowledge. I just know from experience with it.



                            Great info and good to hear that you have personal experience with it. I haven't taken it but considering it for a short stint like you stated. 



                              Originally posted by swolesam

                              Iodine, Kelp, ... all the natural thyroid supplements never work for me. They just dont. Maybe its just me, but they are useless to me.

                              Then you are the exception to human biology or you are not human because Iodine is necessary to produce thyroid hormone and your body does not produce iodine. That is why they introduced iodized salt to combat thyroid deficiency.

                              Let's test it - Take out all forms of iodine out of your diet and let see what happens to your thyroid. Ready, set, go.

                              Maybe we are thinking about "working" in a different way.