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    Diet pills

    What are the best diet pills that are safe, easy to get and help you loose the most weight???
    What's the best way to burn fat and not lose muscle?


    Depends what youre looking for. Without diet and exercise you'll just be wasting time and money. There are several types including OTC supplements all the way up to prescription. You'll probably end up looking into clen so research that a bit.
    Toss up what "strength" you're looking for, some stats and activity levels etc.






        it depends what do you mean by diet pills.
        There are lots of supplements of this kind, pharmaceutical products and gear-related products like t3 and clenbuterol.
        If you train in the gym it would be better to switch your routine to a fat burning one.
        If you accept using gear i would suggest t3 and clen together with a steroidal compound as to avoid losing weight, you can throw in some anavar, turanabol or winstrol.
        If you are not training then focus on your diet, this is the key.



          Ecas are good!



            there is no magic pill buddy... you gotta do the work and the results will come!!

            bad diet with bad exerise with best pill in world and you still not gonna get in shape... when u have diet in check u could look into things that may help but only after u know how to eat!!



              How about getting anavar and take it in small dose to lose fat but preserve muscle? 

              I personally focus on gaining weight all year long but I know anabolics with great diet and plenty cardio can do wonders for you. Also salbutamol is good , if your hart is healthy. 



                I here you borsz. No diet pills for me



                  Eca stacks have worked well for me but there is no substitions for a clean diet and cardio. Cut your carbs eat a keto diet and do fasted cardio first thing in the morning when you get up. 



                    Lmao,  im looking at this post , and the avis im like what the hell , a year old post , lmao I seen 5am it is my auto correct , yessssss got it 5am is OUT !!!!!!!!!  SORRY GOT OFF TOPIC



                      Well, "it depends"...

                      as mentioned, yes you have to maintain a kcaloric deficit... a "pill" helps to obtain this through some mechanism.. 

                      EPHEDRINE + CAFFEINE 

                      A "weak" beta2 agonist (also effects b1&3 to an extent) which is in concentrations in fat cells as well as the lungs (sold for intermittent asthma) its "Weak" as it has a shorter half life (roughly 4-5 hours.. same as caffeine)

                      It offers a boost in REE (~5-7%) whhich doesnt seem like much.. but it can at times offset the reduction of REE by way of metabolic adaption... (usually a 10% decrease)

                      it also can help with appetite suppression.....    Asprin is now considered to be unnecessary.. since its short acting, b2 receptors remain "unfried" (as is the case with Clen, hence antihistamine usage and cylcing it).. in fact.. even if the stimulating "feeling" is gone, its noted to not only to continue to work, but it seems to improve its efficiency over time... so if you are dieting.. the longer you use it.. the better "it works"   

                      more is not always better though.... there seems to be an upper limit and the standard "Dose" is exactly the recomended amount anways.. `~20-50mg+200mg caffeine 3x a day every 4 hours..... take the last one roughly 4-5ours before you want to go to bed... (eg: 8a,noon,4p)

                       Depends on your country/state/etc.... in the US its sold widely in pharmacies...   strictly for asthma though... but no RX needed.... but since meth heads make it into meth, theres a limit.   

                      Contains guaifenesin (sp??) it wont harm anything... its an expectorant... think of it as something thatll improve your cardio..


                      YOHIMBINE HCL (From Yombine: Corynanthe Yohimbe <I know, it got a new taxa, but this is where the botany nerd in me shines.. I refuse to accept the newer "Pausinystalia") I strongly recommend using the HCL... The herb contains other powerful alkaloids and comes with insane side effects

                      Do NOT take with Ephedrine.. it can raise your heart rate dangerously high..  Not a thermogenic (raising REE) but rather serves as a alpha 2 antagonist (alpha2's are concentrated in stubborn fat like lower ab, lower back, and thighs in women) think of alpha 2 receptors cockblocking blood flow, yohimbine "turns" these off... essentially...

                      dose: .2mgxkg (bw) + 200mg caffeine  in the USA, it can only be sold as 2.5mg pills....   so i am roughly 90kg so I take 7x2.5mg caps plus my caffeine

                      Now the catch..... Insulin negates Yohimbine use.. so must be taken fasted.. so take with morning black coffee (nothing in it) wait 30m do some cardio.... then eat...... or take 5 hours after eating.. do 5m warmup to bring insulin down to base line


                      Theres of course EGCG (from green tea) but large doses (like 350mg 3x day) are needed for semi decent bennefit..   Nicotine also is good (lozenges and gum.. not smoking silly) effects seem to top out around 1-2mg of nicotine


                      those are some "easy to find" quick ones that I can think of.... but I am writing this from the states... im sure AUstralia or other parts of the world might be a different story..



                        There is only 1 pill that i've taken that actually works and has little side effects and that's phentermine. Just ask your doctor for it.



                          Try anapex, if you can get a script 



                             Sorry Siegmund what is the generic form of anapex since it is not available in my country ?



                              i do not know my friend. all i know is anapex is a heavy amphetamine... they accindently gave me that instead of anexia which is a pain med.  ....

                              i took a few and was nuts.   becareful with that.