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    now at this time after , gaining. more experience. and growth. id say concentrate on diet and cardio



      Diet supplements are the icing on the cake, period. If your diet isn't 100% on point, there ain't a pill or magic fairy dust in the world that will do shit for you. If it IS on point, then I take clen like it's going out  of style. 50mcg m-f, none on the weekends (or whenever your non lifting days are) to keep from building tolerance. Keep taurine on hand for cramping. Tren+clen=shred city!



        fasted cardio works wonders on your whole body but it does take time. I currently only do fasted cardio (well just a banana 40 min before gym)  I go 3-4 days a week work out for between 1.5-2hrs full body each time and have seen many inches drop of my waist and gut. I went one day last week but got a very bad headache shortly after doing some squats. Enough to make me go home. So I had 3 poached eggs on seeded wholemeal bread and a protein shake and my headache cleared. Not liking that I had not had a proper workout I headed back gym. Well having food in my stomach as fuel knocked me sideways I had about 25-30% less rep power and really struggled through. I think my body got confused with it being so used to being in a fasted state during exercise. It didn't quiet know how to handle the sudden change just shows how the body adapts to your life style and hates sudden change.



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            In fact, the body doesn't like change much at all. It knows what's "normal" and whether it's what you want or not, it'll go back or fight to stay "normal". That's why fad diets don't work. It takes a lot of time and consistency to change, to create a new "normal." 



              Are you still there and waiting to get some decent reply which will help yourself to lose much weight? As the OP said it depends on what you are looking for. Lots of ingredients on the web. You'll get a big list of website which will offer you different products for different prices. Some of them are really good and helpful No side effect and easy to use. And I think this could be helpful for you. Good luck!



                Originally posted by logicbomb

                There is only 1 pill that i've taken that actually works and has little side effects and that's phentermine. Just ask your doctor for it.


                Adipex does work but it makes me super irritable after a few days and I also experienced crashes mid afternoon or in the evening.


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                Scusate se disturbo ma volevo sapere efedrina dove la sono in Italia perĂ² se mi dite chi la vende..mille grazie naturalmente se avete reductil oppure subitramina va benissimo