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Quads, inner thigh, glutes

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    Quads, inner thigh, glutes

    This is a sketch of what I do on quad day. Rest between sets is quite minimal, perhaps a bit longer than a rest-pause except for th machine leg press exercise, which is done with slow, focused reps both on the concentric and eccentric movement.

    Single leg lunge: 5 sets 8 reps per leg

    Squat: 7 sets 7 reps. 30-45 second rest

    Front Squat: 7 sets 7 reps 30-45 rest

    Smith Machine Hacks (wide stance, toes out): 5 sets 8 reps

    Smith Machine Hacks (narrow stance, feet parallel) 5 sets 8 reps

    Leg press single leg side lying: 5 sets 8-10 reps 

    Leg press (foot/toe position changes each set. Narrow, wide parallel, wide toes out, narrow, last set you choose for rest-pause): 4 sets 8 reps, rest 10 seconds and rep to near fail.

    Machine leg press (toes together, heels about 5 inches apart. Low weight, say between 100 & 150 lbs): I don't count reps here as the concentration is on contraction and control. Eccentric for 10 count, concentric for 10 count. Go as deep as possible, and do not lock out at the top. When you have a significant burn, pause at about 3/4 to lock out and hold for three, drop to half way and hold for five count. Slowly drop as deep as possible, then push to lock out. That's one set. Do another 2 sets. Don't worry about the reps.

    Leg extension single: 3 sets of 8. 1 second concentric, 3 second eccentric hold at full contraction for 1-2 seconds

    Leg extension (both). 3 sets of 8. Each set has a rest pause set, so really 6 sets.


    Damn, giving this leg day a try! Thats some serious volume. Love it. 



      Man, I'm sore a few days after this one. It's inspired in part by a leg routine Calm posted, then some techniques I learned from a trainer, and some ideas I otherwise gathered here or in my own imagination.  It's satisfying creating a routine than feels good. Let me know how you like it



         Giving this leg day a try!



          It's inspired in part by a leg routine