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    Hit a new PR

    Incline benched 325 for 5 reps 2xs

    i am super stoked and

    another milestone I accomplished was I injured both my knees bursting both bursa sacs at work and ruining what was left of the cartilage I thought my leg workouts

    were over that was in  November bout a month ago I began rehab training and a couple days ago I hit 315 ass to the grass for 5 I think in about

    1-2 months I will be hitting 405 on squats this is natty when I do go on I'm going to not push the envelope just because my strength is gonna dramatically go up does not mean I'm gonna do it because that's how injuries happen anyways just excited I've only squatted a handful of times in my

    life due to the work I do I didn't want to not be able to

    climb 30ft walls lol, so I tried to work everything but squats but nothing builds lega lol squats. I gurantee 2 months from now 405 easy if my

    knees permit


    325 for 5 on incline is very very strong dude. My best is 385 for a single on incline. No idea what 5 rep max was. 

    You are definitely 400+ flat. 

    Injuries suck I have and train around many myself. 



      325 x 5 Incline is strong as fuck. Congrats. Ive been stuck for a while now on 315 for 6 reps on flat. I get up to 6 reps and for the life of me struggling to get past it. Thats an awesome lift. 



        That's badass dt! Cock strong brotha!



          yeah I never really mess with barbell due to my shoulder I did nothing but dumbell work for the last year but I realized the only way I'm gonna get bigger and stronger is to switch back to barbell for at least 3 months 



            Congrats brother



              Nice man!



                do deadlifts I can get 405 for 3 I've k my deadlifted maybe 5-6 times in my l career, I know I can do 455 but my lower back gives out after a set of 405 I need to work on my lower back strength and explosion of the ground it's not my back I can barbell row 365+ for reps and I refuse to wear a belt. Been reading some polouin lately and trying to  get them better you big letters what do you recommend I honestly believe I can hot a clean 500 in about 6 weeks I just have never done deadlifts open for suggestions 



                  LoL the one thing

                  Xx( the brand)

                  has that's nice

                  is the serane warp, it's not against the rules to talk about brands is it?

                  just  spources correct???



                    Yes dt...source or lab discussion in open forum isn't allowed. 



                      my apologies 



                        Lots of great stuff out there on Mark Bells Youtube strength camp/strength training page. Check it out. They really get in depth on methods, diet, accessory work, form, etc. Tons and tons on deadlift info. The other is I would recommend wearing a belt for your highest/heaviest lifts. The risk of injury isn't worth it if you are going to stay in the game for life. The big boys use it for a reason and still have back issues later in life. I understand how it affects breathing and core strength but the belt is essential in my book. Don't get me wrong. I go beltless up to 315lbs in deads and squats. When I go anything at or above 400lbs I use a belt for squats and deads. Damn impressive BB row. 365 is good shit. 



                          thats great dt ..

                          congrats now on to the next , +2 



                            I've always understood that 80% of your 1RM or higher a belt should be used.



                              couple links with lots of good info for ya on deadlifts