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    X2   Diet  is the best fat burner all the extras just help you push through them rough patches  



      X2 strong...+1



        In order to have success in weight loss you have to diet correctly. Their is no weight loss pill that that just makes you melt the fat off bro. Train hard, diet harder. once you take a weight loss pill and you successfully cut fat, you will gain it all back without the right diet bro. It's all in the mind. if it was easy, everyone would do it. Be strong minded. 



          Albuterol l(makes cardio a breeze), diet and cardio have worked best for me. Second place would be phentermine. Third place is ECA and finally clen. But without proper diet and nutrition it won't do shit.



            Erm, my friend share some info with me about Albuterol & Phentermine. My TRT doc raised it to me as a possible option to get % bodyfat down "easier". Whats your experience with these 2 -Albuterol & Phentermine ? how do you feel on them? Do they give you the jitters??



              I prefer albuterol because I get all the benefit's of Clem without getting any side effects. Doesn't give me the shakes or a stimmed out feeling.

              Phentermine is tricky cuz it's in the amphetamine family so you gotta start low with dosing. I take one 37.5mg pill per day and I'm good to go. It suppresses my appetite just enough and gives me great energy for the whole day. No jitters there either, puts me in a good mood actually

              I usually do 4 weeks on albuterol then switch to 4 weeks phen and then repeat that one time. Shit works wonders for me if diet and cardio are on point.



                Do you feel they possess any catabolic properties (to muscle tissues) like T3? Its clear you're happy with the fat burning effects they has, but do you see some muscle loss as well?



                  No, the albuterol is pretty good at muscle sparring just like CleN. The phentermine I'm sure does effect muscle loss but it hasn't been a very noticeable amount. If I add in an extra 50-75g of protein when I run Phen it doesn't seem to be anything major.



                    +1 Good looking out Erm.



                      Anytime bro :-)


                        Hey dude! as far as I know, the best and most effective one is the brand of Euthyrox. I know from around my dudes, it has many mg options like 5. So you can get easily one and try. But keep it mind that you should get the best one for yourself. For example my prof. had used the wrong pills thats way it didnt work. (censored)
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                        100 mg of Anavar, .25mcg T3, 20mcg Clen With a baby aspirin


                          ephedrine with yohimbine


                            ECA!!!!! Then when that stops working T3/Clen/Yohimbine


                              Personally and being where I've been the last year or more, I recommend none ..imo they are more dangerous and a cheating way not to mention setting our self's up for failure. By this I mean after the pill then what .. Did we shread the weight properly and our system adjust accordingly ???? Or have all we done is temporarily shred a few pounds with a relapse for sure in the near future ?

                              diet traing and discipline is a fail not route. With true and stable results just my opion of course .

                              I've cheated on everything for years with 0 long term results ...the positive I get out of it is KNOWING THERE ARE NO SHORT CUTS IT COMES DOWN TO SELF DISCIPLINE , PERSEVERANCE AND DEDOCATING ONES SELF TO OUR GOALS , WITH OUT WANTING WHAT I WANT NOW ,,TIME AND DEDICATION..WILL TAKE ME WHERE I NEED BE

                              and please no one feel like I'm being negative or at tacking I'm simply stating that I have personaly learned humility and patients and I half stepped for years and payed some heavy consequences for physical to mental to hurting myself and hurting others by me wanting what I want fast. ...

                              I've learned that if I naturally work and dedicate I achive my goals and they stay and also with tht comes self respect and pride and the attitude. And fortitude tto go along with it. ...
                              I'm all for compounds and aas ,but using responsibly.