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Meal prep containers. Make meal prep easy!

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    Meal prep containers. Make meal prep easy!

    I'm sure many of you have used meal prep containers before. Myself personally I have sampled five different brands and types. Here are the two out of those five that I recommend. I found these on Amazon and if you don't have Amazon Prime yet, you need to get it! Makes shopping a breeze.

    I prefer these as I find them easier to seal.

    These are also good as well.

    Be wary of many other different types and brands as they will only survive a few cycles between dishwasher, microwave and freezer.


    Here are the containers in action



    +3 brotha...

    For me personally those containers would not be near big enough if I'm bulking. Possibly if I'm cutting. 8oz chicken, 1 1/2 to 2 cups rice, & a serving of veggies is about par if I'm bulking. Do you think that much food can fit in 1 container? 



      +3 again for sharing Unknown. Its great for having so many members sharing different ideas and leads!





        I had to switch to 2 liter containers to hold all the chicken, rice and cabbage. Even so, the lid is smashing the food down into the container especially meal 4, the preworkout meal. 



          Awesome brother..... thanks for sharing +1



            Excellent Making the process easier by making meal prep more efficient. A big step in the direction of creating and maintaining long term loyal results. +2



              Originally posted by Dolf

              Do you think that much food can fit in 1 container? 

              Either container would fit that much food, no problem. Both have two 8 oz storage spots and one large 16 oz storage spot. I usually pack 9oz protein either grilled chicken cut into strips or ground turkey. In the other containers I can comfortably fit one cup of rice and a nice serving of veggies. If you wanted more than a cup of carbs you would need to put the extra into the 16oz spot along with your protein which I have done before. Or you could put one cup of carbs in each 8oz spot for two cups total and just put your serving of veggies alongside your protein.





                The process of eating and cooking can definitely be a chore for many of us (definitely is for me, I hate cooking!) so anything that helps is always appreciated.



                  I actually enjoy the cooking part, however, it is/was a little stressful, getting home at 9:30-10pm and having to cook the rice, bake the chicken, and steam the cabbage night after night was driving me crazy. So, instead of that crazy-making practice, I just put all the chicken in a roasting pan, set the oven at 405 for 36-40 minutes (comes out perfect every time)...weeks worth all done. I just cook a large pot of white rice and measure when I pack containers in the morning. 100 pounds of white rice lasts around 9 months just bought another sack from Chinese noodle factory the other day. $30. I do, however, steam the cabbage fresh daily because the stuff gets weird sitting around, tastes like dirty converse all-stars smell after hanging around for a day or two. Thinking of just making sauerkraut... but that's a whole other process! And, I have to at least keep this part simple because I have a tendency to make thing more complicated (I like to think of it as complex), take for instance the cycle I'm running; I could get the same results, most likely just running a simple 2 compound cycle, but nooooo, I got to go ahead and do 6! One of these days I'll do the KISS method, maybe

                  oops went a little tangential there, another tendency, hey your shoes untied! (A little ADD at times I guess lol)



                    Thanks...I currently use one container for meat & veggie, and another container for my carb. It's funny to watch a new guys face when I pull 6 containers out of my lunch kit.



                      Thanks for the link. Many of my container tops have been cracking and busting over time. I bought the cheap ones at Wally World so you get what you pay for. They are inexpensive but dont last as long. 



                        Originally posted by blastthru23

                        I actually enjoy the cooking part

                        I envy you brother! I hate it so much that I try to do it as little as I can. Thus when I do a large scale meal prep it takes me about two days of cooking and I have enough meals to last me over a month. Of course I do cook some other meals in between, but it leaves me only having to worry about breakfast, dinner and snacks. I just eat my other three meals out of the freezer. I find this method extremely convenient because again ... I hate cooking!!!




                          Yeah, I have used these one several times and they have been holding up very well although I'm sure they will break down sooner or later. They are still just plastic after all 0_o



                            I used to cook French cuisine on nightly basis back in the day. Once, I made a meal for 6 people, and the meal had 2 1/2 pounds of butter in it! Then there was desert, and bottle of wine for each person! Whew talk about some fucking calories! Needless to say, wasn't long before I was hella fat!



                              awsome post my friend I have sent the links to all my gear bro 's and they were like hell to the yeah its almost like we been living under a rock out here