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    Frequency Training

    I've been training with (nearly) the same frequency for a long time now, basically one muscle group per week. I have been training back twice weekly for the most part, and have divided legs into a quad day and a hamstring day. I am coming to an understanding that for hypertrophic results, any muscle group should be trained no less than twice per week at certain point in ones level of training. I know that I am not a beginner, nor advanced, but I likely fall in the spectrum of an intermediate, thus more frequency is likely needed to experience hypertrophy. Enter frequency training. Research in muscle hypertrophy is showing that big muscle groups (Chest, Back/posterior chain, Legs) can recover by 3-4 days after a training session so long as there was enough volume and intensity to create muscle damage. In order to continue a good growth pattern, one must train these groups more often.

    Mike Israetel suggests to not look at the 7 day week as a schematic for planning workouts. I would like to do this, but due to everything else being governed by the 365 day, 7 week, 52 week per year, I will plan in a 7 day fashion. Mike promotes abstracting the training schedule out of this time scheme, instead planning per the bodies ability to recover from maximum volume. Each body may be somewhat different, and will depend on volume and intensity of training session. I will graduate to that level at some point, but for now, I will do it within the parameters of a 7 day week. First, I want to get comfortable with the training style, then move on  from there. Following is a proposed weekly schedule that hits each part 2-3 times per week. I laid it out in a Upper/Lower, Front/Back orientation. Further, Each group gets a High Volume (HV) day, and a High Rep (HR) day. High Volume means 8-10 sets with 8-10 reps, and High Reps means 15-60 reps with more focus on isolation. Triceps, and Shoulders will enjoy a variation, or amalgamation of HV and HR. I have to add that Back is in a similar situation insofar as one back day will focus primarily on width, while the other on thickness.

    Monday: Chest HV; Hams HR; Triceps

    Tuesday: Biceps, triceps, and calves (I'm intentionally hitting calves once per week, they don't need much help. Looking to slice e up!)

    Wednesday: Quads HV; Back (Width so mixed HV and HR)

    Thursday: Chest HR; Hams HV; Biceps HR

    Friday: Back (Thickness HV, HR), Quads HR

    Saturday: Shoulders (primary focus on posterior and medial), Biceps, Triceps

    I have not yet started this program, although I did some splitting up for this weeks work outs. If any of you have any feedback on this training split, I would love to hear it


    This split looks very doable. I'm partial to training my lower body separate from  upper.

    I'm the designing phase of a new training regimen as well. Pyramid training is what I am aiming for. I have been training the big groups twice weekly for almost a year now and I do enjoy it that way. I have found that my body responds better with less volume as oppose to HV. . Not to mention my joints respond better to less volume! Keep me posted on whether or not you implement this and how it works for you.