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    I recently took a photo of my new haircolor to send to Calm....but all I could see were my shoulders........
    This no pump...I hadnt gone to the gym yet. 
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    the way your traps tie in to your shoulders




      From a mans perspective the style and color looks very nice on you.


      SEMP.ER FI



        And the cut! I see your traps on fleek!!!!! 



          thanks all!  Been trying to get the eating disorder under control......



            Looking good Sharon! 



              You have come a long way sharon! The hair is pretty too!



                Slow and steady wins the race, Doll!



                  Yea but.... it's better to burn out than to fade away.

                  Sharon, show and express the same disciplines that you are learning in your training to your eating habits. I know that is easy to say when I am on the outside looking in but you also know I have some first hand experience with a family member in this area. Do not try to do it alone.... find the support you need and that works for you and lean on it.

                  I have watched you fight a good fight to this point and I know you can conquer this .... you know it to..... make it a reality! I am cheering for you.

                  Oh.... and no crying like a bitch.


                  SEMPER FI



                    I love you guys!  

                    Im glad I am back on.  I'm seeing a therapist and she has me on meds, it's just finding that right dose. You all know how that is. 



                      You will do it Sharon. Everyday is a new day, if you have a bad day just let it be your motivation to do better the next over and over again until it becomes the norm. Its never easy and it shouldn't be. Its what makes us better by overcoming obstacles and challenges. Not and never perfect, but striving for it. 



                        I love food Sharon. Like, passionately love it. I love cooking it, I love looking at it and I sure as shit love eating it. I've been training my whole life and was always big and strong but now I want That lean Mass. This is a lot of work and dedication but the reward is so worth it. My wife wrote me a text today to say how proud she is of me for fighting my demons and working on myself in every way... Its worth it Sharon.. As soon as you get discouraged, Just say NO fuckin way..... Your hair looks great : )