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    Upcoming Training

    Regimen will be once again be 6 days weekly with Sunday being reserved for active rest only. Each muscle group will get hit 2 x week with a light and a heavy session. rep range is 8-12 with 4 working sets unless otherwise noted. 

    Movement Breakdown


    Light (L): DB lateral raise SS with single arm DB overhead press, DB rear delt flye SS with Rope High Pull, Scott Press, cable shrugs SS with DB upright Row, Inman Shrugs (if I can properly learn this movement...i'm practicing it now)

    Heavy(H):  BB clean & press, DB lateral raise, DB rear delt flye, DB shrugs


    (L):  Pull-ups, standing single aram cable row SS with single arm DB row, straight arm pushdown SS with low cable pull, straight bar curl, DB spider curl, reverse curl

    (H):  Push-up(2 sets to falure), Lat pulldown (5 sets), BB bent over row, seated DB curl, standing straight bar cable curl.


    (L): pushup (2 sets), Cable crossover SS with Bench press, Incline DB flye SS with incline DB press, Rope Pushdown SS withDB overhead exension, DB kickback, skull crusher

    (H): pushup (2 sets), flat DB press, DB incline Press, Close grip Bench press, skull crusher


    (L):  Extension, press, curls SS with lunges, DL, Standing calf raise SS with seated calf raise, toe raise

    (H):  5 sets each: Squat, DL, standing calf raise, seated calf raise

    On Light days: all reps will be at a tempo of  sec on the concentric and 3 sec negatives. Resting 1 minute between sets ( no rest between movements in supersets). Heavy days: Reps explosive on the concentric with controlled eccentric. Resting 3-4 minutes between sets (no rests between movements in supersets.

    So far, this is going to pretty much set the tone for the next 60 days or so. In 4 weeks, I will see where i am and adjust accordingly. 




    Thank you for sharing. +3

    Something that popped into my head when I saw your leg routine....

    An exercise that I replaced the traditional lunge with is a Bulgarian lunge with a twist. I do them unbalanced weighted. I hold a single dumbbell on the same side as the forward leg creating an inbalance. The thinking in doing so is to increase the strength in the stabilizer muscles which in turn translates into better form, strength and injury prevenation in the other leg exercises. You can also creat an opposite inbalance by holding the dumbbell in the opposite hand.





      I saw this being done in the gym the other day. 



        Awesome!!! I like it!!



          Sweet inspiration, the sun rises on the eastern edge of the desert horizon bringing a warm glow to Earth and filling the heart with anticipation of good things to come



            I will be trying that movement tonight. Im a lot more open to trying new things, thanks to you all. 



              Little different..I like it so far.  I am wondering if it would be beneficial or not to micro cycle my reps. Like a pyramid. Each week increase them...say...start at 8 week 1 and be at 12 week 5...then descend down the pyramid...



                I'm waiting on that novel!!! 



                  a graphic novel!


                  SEMPER FI



                    I'm almost to the part where Freyja and Andy meet in Oslo. Freyja is now on yacht, docked in Portugal, broken, and lonely, wishing for a simple life. She has cried herself to sleep, her pillow is drenched in the tears she has cried longing for something real. The boat sails for Norway tomorrow...

                    The scenes are often so graphic, I am certain ones imagination will create a picture much more clear than any artist could render



                      Micro cycling the reps... I bet you'll find that IF you do the pyramid schematic, the load may need to increase assuming strength has increased. For example, say you curl 30 pounds for 8 at week 1, I'm willing to bet that you'll be curling 35+ for 8 when you return to the starting point as far as reps are concerned since you're cycling reps not volume...I hope the notion is clear. I guess I'm hinting at progressive overload



                        I forgot to add the volume increase each week. Small weekly increase of 5-10 pounds upper body, and 25 -45 pounds lower body. My joints handle the small increases



                          More! I need more of this novel..! My imagination is running wild! I want details!!!!!



                            A few sessions with a former female bodybuilder who's a trainer at one of my gyms. I call her Quadzilla for obvious reasons. 

                            I had a partial leg session with her that I just finished. I had trained back earlier not remembering that she wanted to work on legs.... Needless to say, I WAS IN FUCKING TEARS BY THE TIME WE GOT TO CALVES... LITERALLY. what an amazing "partial" workout! I was nauseated, crying and had a lower back and quad pump from HELL! She said, "you should recover from this in 3 days" I was like, I have errands to run!  I thought I was going to have to call EMS to get me home.... driving this stick shift.. SMDH....why do I love torturing myself?!

                            Luckily, I arrived home in one I have to tackle 15 stairs to get to my bedroom!!!! Been sitting here in the driveway for 10 minutes... thinking about it... when I get to the top... it's a wrap! I'm not going back downstairs unless there's a fire!