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Halotestin 10
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So one of my staple to my summer stack is Halotestin (fluoxymesterone). It is one of my favorite compund ! The thing that makes halotestin stand out above the rest is its ability to increase hemoglobin as well as the structure and mass of the blood cells. What that translates to is

My strength is going to go through the roof even on a restrictive calorie diet. I am  talking superhuman strength! Also if you are low enough body fat it thins the skin and i start to look see through. I am talking vain in my abs!

Now i have been taking halotestin on a yearly bases for about 8 years now so i have tired a few different labs for halotestin. I have tried Geniza , Dragon pharma and now for the past 2 years i have been using SIS LABS. while Geniza was really good and Dragon was Ok (i would not recommend Halo from Dragon) SIS is bar far the best halotestin i have ever had! Normally i run 20 mg daily all in 1 shot but when I first used tried that last year with SIS Labs it was so strong it dropped my blood sugar! So I had to split my dosage up into 10 in the morning 10 in the evening. 
Halotestin 10
Halotestin 10
Halotestin 10
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