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I got it very cheap during a kalpasale (supps.to) sale. I'm currently cruising since the past month and as orals are easy to feel if they are legit, I decided to try it after training with my main meal (carbs+prot)

About 30-40 minutes after eating my heart starts to beat harder and I start to feel my muscles being recovered (start to feel DOMS). Been doing this for a 11 days and I went from 66 to 71kg adding just a bit of fat in the lower abdomen (still ripped, just the lower abs dont show in the mirror haha). Take into account I was almost carb depleted so 2 or 3kg are glycogen.

Been taking liv52 and acetyl-l-cysteine as liver support. Uppered the dose to 2,5tabs (250+250+125mg=625mg/day) these last 4 days splitted in my main meal, mid-afternoon and dinner.

So far no stomach/gut bloating, only water retemption in my neck but much less than dbol.

Definitely my best experience with orals. Now time to go back to cruise for a month before blasting.
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