Letrozole 2.5

Letrozole 2.5

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Got these bad boys from my man, CnC - The presses are professional. They pills are hard, but not so hard that you cannot split them according to your desired apportionment. They are tasteless. The pale yellow color is through and through which tells me that the mixture was accomplished evenly prior to the press. As for the effects, I am confident that these are substantially proficient in eliminating E2. In my opinion, letro is not simply to be used as an AI. I feel that it has a very specialized use and should be reserved for those who are hyper-sensitive to gyno and/or those who have already experienced gyno and are looking to stop it in it's tracks. Read up on Letro as a means to reverse gyno and then, before it's too little/too late, grab some legitimately dosed Letro from a reputable domestic source - CnC does a great job with his brand Letrozole. Top shelf.
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