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Product: Test Cyp, Anavar, Anadrol (Z Labs)
Packaging: extremely good packaging
Effectiveness: Noticed effectiveness after the first week
Quality: High quality
Time on: 2/3 weeks,
Lab: awesome service, quick response
Delivery: A few days after payment
I have placed another order I'll right a follow up review.

High quality of gear and minimal side effects only of course just the expected water retention and some acne on the face and chest, I also noticed increased in strength and stamina within the first week. energy levels are higher and getting a pretty good pump after my work outs.
the packaging is consistent and done with care.
test looks clear of impurities and pills are pressed with consistency.
I had no problem at all when pining the shoulder, i have not tried pining another location.
Z gear is definitely measured right and it is of high quality.
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