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this is one of three cycles that I've ordered from these guys and have never been disappointed. I've received all my orders on time and the site is easy to use and I like the product selection. I've never had to communicate with them other than my Initial order and found all the products that I ordered to be good stuff.

I found the dbol to be a little much at 60mg a day and cut back to 40mg(less stomach upset and hunger) but they kicked in my cycle great along with the test prop to frontload(100mg eod for the first 2 weeks). I had good strength gains and got really cut up from the super 400. During the cycle I put on about 15+ pounds of muscle if not more due to me losing a bit of fat and I'm pretty sure I did. I did get some sides. tren cough at the end and night sweats all threw but this tells me its real gear. I found the pip little irritating towards the end so I changed my injections to twice a week rather than three times a week(that was just the last 3 or 4 weeks). This was the first time I've done masteron and found it good in that blend with the test e and tren. I got good hard gains from this blend.
the Viagra worked fine too but only have used it a handfull of times. I only bought it as a precaution cause I have had some sexual dysfunction from blends in the past.
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