We're team of retired, old bodybuilders that are in steroid game since the first British Dragon vial was sold it Europe. We're trying to offer well known and legitimate brands for the best possible prices. Our loyal customers can enjoy lower prices, free samples and much more! Once you become customer you will get special deals on gear, easiest payment methods and many guarantees. You will just get what you pay for, always!

Our stock contain many pharmaceutical grade stuff and all kinds of peptides and homones.

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Hi everyone 

 Please don't buy from this site. They are scammers, they have different products on display and will send you different and kinda never heard brands. This guy from here ripped my £504.00 when I placed order for Genesis brand and he sent me a rubbish Indian under dosed brand which I have never hear before. He won't refund you will keep saying sorry, all the reviews posted there are fake. 

 Here is what I ordered and he sent me a BM Pharam which is extremely impure and rubbish stuff 



Hi waqar abbas,


Thank you for shopping with us!


Order details

Order: #040... placed on 07/3/2018 18:12:36 

Payment: ...

Methandienone Genesis 100 tabs (Dianabol) 10mg/tab£32.842£65.68

Testosterone Enanthate Genesis 10 amps [10x250mg/1ml]£43.102£86.21

Nandrolone Decanoate Genesis 10 amps [10x250mg/1ml]£58.153£174.46

Bolde 250 Genesis 10 amps [10x250mg/1ml]£54.733£164.20

ReferenceProductUnit priceQuantityTotal price





 Total paid£504.20


Now he's stopped replying as he's got no answer and he did't bother to inform before hand that he does't deal with Genesis anymore. 

Rubbish, a fake unknown Indian brand, I ordered Genesis and he sent something which is not on display. Broken vials, clear fake packing. I was given over a year before from friend a sample from this brand BM Pharma and to be honest it was extremely impure and rubbish. The display show Genesis and other stuff but actually they don't have any. Dbol ordered was extremely damaged again from Sirbio etc brand, never heard of it. Cheap looking vials with broken print on them.
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OK Guys I placed a small Trial order for Tren A Gen-Shi. Ordering process was easy as hell and paul knows what he is doing and it shows. It has been a pleasure PM'ing Him.

Tren A is as POTENT as HELL, I like using 600mgs per week but with this Tren The night sweats are ruining my wifes 800 thread. I NEVER Believed in Tren cough but yesterday I did a solo 1.5cc delt shot and Damn it if I did not get the same sensation of taking a long hit on some quality . It is IMHO that Tren A is Fucking potent and a great buy. I look forward to trying the rest of their products
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