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Great service. I so appreciate a source who will take the time to answer questions and even provide some advice before I place my order.   Excellent product and quick delivery!  These guys are great.

Some PIP....but I suffer pip from anything over 200mg and I ordered 300mg gear. I am still early into the Var & Sus & NPP cycle. My main run was for TRT using the Test C..... I found the product so much better and stronger than my normal TRT product that I had to lower my dosage to keep my test in a proper range for TRT.
I know test is supposed to be test and that they are all the same, that is not my personal experience however and I am getting a stronger response than normal from AO's product. If the sust, var and npp hold up in equal quality (and so far they are doing so) then I expect an amazing spring ahead of me!
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