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I received an order about a week after I sent the funds despite a problem with XXX or an employee of.  So props to Alpha and the XXX, considering the holidays.  I opened it up and it contained 3 test e's and some Letro.  These were not the products I ordered.  Side note: the packaging was the best I've ever dealt with.  I figured I could still make use of what I had.  I sent Alpha an email and told them that I got some stuff I didnt order but can still use and just heads up because I'm guessing someone will get my order.  They emailed me back on Christmas about it and asked for pictures of the stuff i got, so i sent one.  They emailed today and said sorry about the mix up and we will ship what you ordered today.  I never asked for anything free and made sure to tell them I was not trying to complain.  I'll check back in when I get the right stuff.  So considering they could have just told me to piss off or even just took my money and sent nothing, I'd say good on them.  

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