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Anabolicstore Steroid Shop is an international Roidshop with Worldwide safe Shipping.

*No minimum order* The Shop ship safe from the EU for 16 € to EU Clients / 20 $ Worldwide

100% delivery rate for customers from the EU such as Germany Austria Swiss Spain Belgium Italy ...

100% original Steroids

100% Trustet Service und delivery

** Big Steroid Shop with many famous Steroid Labels ** ** all Products on Stock **

24/7 Customer Support Englisch and Germany: Payment via Banktransfer & Bitcoins

User reviews

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

E mail support was very good, it was answered quickly.
Payment was made by bank transfer.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The delivery time was 6 days.
unobtrusive Packed in a well padded envelope.

Products Ordered

Anavar Vedi-Pharma
DNA Lab Oxandrolone und Testosterone Propionate
BM Pharma Testo P and Drosta Code was valid
Bioniche Drosta Code was valid
Stano BM Pharma

Product Effects

All products are original according to the checking of the codes on the packaging.
Testo P is verry good from DNA LAb, very fluid and easy to inject. I have test it 6 weeks
The Oxa from Vedi Pharma is ok the dna lab oxas are better
and the drosta from bioniche is better then the bm masten


I am very satisfied with the shop. I have received my order quickly and the products work.
These were all originally packed and the Code was valid.
The prices are normal, but those who leave a feedback will receive 8% discount on the next order in the shop

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