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Did my first shot this past Sunday (1/28) and I actually felt something. (Note: I am on TRT so I am used to taking Test Cyp every week and I usually don't "feel" anything but this is a stronger Cyp than my Rx which is only 200 mg / cc.) Anyways, I took 1.1cc (which is what my Rx is for except that it was actually 275 mg of Test vs the 220 mg I normally use). My Monday workout was insane. I had good energy and I felt strong and the weights I moved around definitely reinforced that opinion. It really makes me wonder how good the quality of my Rx Cyp really is... I wouldn't have thought such a small increase in dosage would have made such a difference. But, like I said in my initial discussion, when I did the hormone test the fluorescence was much stronger on the Kalpa vs the Rx Cyp. From the information I gathered, that means there is much more of the hormone present in the Kalpa vs the rx cyp. I know there is 50mg more per CC in the Kalpa but the test only shows whether or not the gear is good or bad (has strong fluorescence, weak, or none at all). I wouldn't think it would discriminate between a 200 mg/cc vs a 250 mg/cc by having difference levels of fluorescence. In theory, they should be very similar if they are both of the same quality. Am I correct in this thinking? I would love some insight if anyone has knowledge on the subject of colorimetric analysis. Anyways, I'm waiting on some Var I ordered to arrive and I'm planning on a short 6 week cycle with the 1.1 CC Test cyp / week and 10-20mg per day of the Var. I don't want to overdo it. I'm not looking for insane results and I want to see how my body responds to the Var before increasing the dosage. If I only use 10 mg of Var per day I may decide to do a 12 week cycle (I read that some have had good results w/ the lower dose and longer cycle--I won't go longer than 12 weeks because of the stress on the liver). I have been on TRT for about 2 years but I guess you could say this will be my first cycle. I'm also taking Arimidex for the AI--currently 1 mg twice per week. I have more in case I need to increase the dose but Arimidex is a really strong AI, something I think most people don't understand, and it does not take much of the drug to do a lot. The last time I got my blood checked they couldn't even tell how much estrogen I had because there wasn't enough in my blood stream! That was using 1 cc / week of test Cypionate and 2 mg Arimidex per week. It seems to be pretty steady now that I use 1.1 cc and the 2 mg per week though. I would consider my cycle to be a very mild one but I have some PCT questions. Because I am going to continue TRT post cycle, what should my PCT consist of? I've read that returning to your normal TRT is enough to "normalize" your body and help you keep your gains. Any help is very much appreciated. 

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