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These guys are definitely the real deal.  I’ve used others in the past and like many of you I’ve had shipping issues, fake items, no items and no communication when something goes wrong.  That’s not the case with On my second order from them there was a delay in shipping which was not the fault of the supplier.  They never stopped communicating with me and did everything to make the order right.  I appreciate the service it was top quality, as though I was dealing with eBay or amazon.  These guys will get all my business going forward. 



Product: Esculap

The product I continually get from them in bulk is esculap. I can’t keep it on the shelves and my customers keep coming back for it. It’s a ED medication. According to my customers the quality is grade A, better than anything they have received through traditional doctor’s prescriptions. The only effects I see from this product is a solid, firm, and continual erection.
10 - 20mg per day is more than enough to keep the average man stroking all night long.
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