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I recently had a really great experience with supps for my first order of dbol and aromasin. both products were shipped and received super well. the communication is awesome with them too, however, I recently placed 2 new orders with supps and it seems that things have began to go astray.

I placed my payments through, and the first order I paid for still hasn't shipped out, even after the money was collected on their end, I understand that things can get busy especially during this off season time but its strange that its been past the 7 day mark after payment received and still hasn't shipped. 

for the second order, the payment was received and was semi shipped which I totally understand, I don't really get why my second order would send out before my first, or why even several days after the order was shipped would be showing as unreceived by the carrier. 

like I said, I have faith in this company, and they have provided me with some solid products with my first order, thus the reason I immediately sent 2 more, I am just curious as to why the immediate shift in service ? and I understand that things are difficult with various dynamics of business and the such, I'm still waiting on their response to me via their contact. I am just curious if other people also have experienced any inconsistency in different orders that are made of various product manufacturers, etc. 

thanks so much yall!

*this is not an angry post... just looking for other's experiences and some feedback.

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