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Supps is amazing! Great products that are extremely pure grade. 

Been using the Cyp since January at 1.1 cc per week and started the Var at 30 mg ED and increased it by 10 mg each week (week 1: 30, week 2: 40, week 3: 50) and stopped once I reached 50mg ED. (Both products are Kalpa.)

I am on TRT but wanted something a little stronger for my first time. This has been a great experience. I have not noticed any negative side effects unless you consider your clothes not fitting in the arms and shoulders and back area because you've had such incredible gains (but really that is a good effect!). When I started, I was 230 lbs at 18% BF; I have not measured my BF but I am hovering between 239 and 242 lbs depending on when I weigh myself. I believe my BF has gone down because people have been commenting on how much more defined my arms are. So... effects of the products would be a possible 10 lb gain in muscle mass with some odd % loss in BF. If I had been more strict with my dieting when I started the cycle, I know the results would have been much better.

My strength has gone through the roof. The most I had ever bench pressed before was 315 which I got for 2 reps. Two weeks ago I got 335 lbs and really felt like I could have done more but decided to stop there because I did not want to injure my joints. It felt really awesome to break that 315 barrier. Another thing I have noticed is that when I am working out I feel like I could keep going. I never seem to hit that breaking point that tells my body I've had enough. It's nice to get a very small taste of what the pros feel when they workout. Now I also understand how they can do insanely high volume workouts. It's really an amazing feeling.

I have not noticed any negative cardiovascular side effects and, honestly, I feel like my endurance has increased. This is a very mild cycle so please take that into consideration. I have noticed a little more acne than normal but as long as I keep my face clean and use a face wash, it stays under control. For those worried about hair loss, I have not noticed any thing (no more shedding than normal so that's good). I am Rx Finasteride and I also use Nizoral and Minoxidil daily. I was taking some medications that had caused my hair to thin a few years ago and wanted to make sure it wasn't MPB. Once I started using the trio it thickened right back up. I also recommend a good scalp massage with ever shower.

When the products first arrived I tested them using a fluorescent UV test. Because I am on TRT I was able to test my Rx against the Kalpa products. I was shocked when the Kapla cyp showed a purer test than my Rx! This could be do to GSO vs MCT (I think Kalpa uses MCT) but the difference was pretty extreme. The entire testing vial for the Kalpa cyp lit up like Christmas lights while my Rx only lit up a little. The Oxandroxyl test also tested positive for Var and had a good fluorescence which means it is pure and strong.

I am very pleased with the results from the products I got from Supps and will definitely use them in the future.
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