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I can't give a review on the products that I received from because I didn't meet the 42 day requirement. However, I would like to say that the kalpa clen, T3, and winny worked very well. I pulsed the clen two weeks on two weeks off. The cramps and jitters were a little much at times, but the cramps were mitigated quite well with magnesium citrate. I felt hot all the time so much so that even on cold days I was running around in a t-shirt. The T3 was the same, the sweats were off the hook, even at night. I ramped up to 75mcg and tapered of at the end back to 25mcg. The winny certainly hardened the muscles very well, never had joint discomfort (probably because I drink a lot of water every day?). Muscle separation is deliciously noticeable. Good stuff! Thanks again supps, I'll be back later this year to get my cutters for the next cycle. I ought to say, too, the packaging was well wrapped, and discreet. 

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