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I got my order from they in good packing with responsible time frame, this time I Test Proportionate  from Balkan farm , and SP Proportionate  as well as Nandrolona F ( Npp) and Deca 300 from dragon farm 


I started with Test Proportionate from Balkan farm I am taken 100 mil every other day felt the strength from the second day greasy skin and the soreness of the Proportionate shot loved the feeling
and SP Proportionate was another brand I tried gave me the same kick of the test P loved the feel and the start to put more lean muscles and not gaining fat.
the Deca 300 from dragon farm was real strong you can see the jump in size is very quick , but because my focos is to git lean and cut not size since I am already 250 LB 6 feet and I didn't like the moon face( water retention )of the Deca and the low libido I switched to the NPP as safe gaining factor but with less sidefect and no water retention.
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