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 Tren E 200mg 
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 Amiridex 1mg
 Nolvadex 20mg
 Test P/ Tren A 150mg cut stack

     So far I have only used the Tren E, Winstrol tabs, and amiridex (Using test E from another source). Definately can feel the difference physically, higher blood pressure, increased sex drive, better workouts, and increase in strengh and size. Because the Tren E arrived about 1.5 weeks after I began the Test E, I experienced a significant contrast between test alone and with tren. The Tren seems to make the injection site not very sore at all, as I had a knot for about a week waiting for the test E esther to be processed. With the tren E this never seems to happen, definately recommend stacking the two. After injection I can kind of taste the Tren E, which makes me know it's working. Winstrol tabs are legit as well as the amiridex, I only base this on the fact that I can feel them work. Last I checked, I've added about 10 lbs of muscle in 3 weeks, and have seen significant gains in strength. Also I am gaining alot better definition, and dropping body fat percentage.
     I haven't used the Test E that I recieved, because I'm still finishing up another bottle. I'm sure that it's legit, and have no worries about using. The Cut Stack 150 Test P / Tren A has not arrived yet so I cannot review it. It seems to possibly be stuck in customs in Chicago for the last 2 weeks. I'm not worried about it if it doesn't come, as I have confidence that will take care of me. Their customer service is quick to respond and polite. As I receive and use my other gear I will continue keep updated by writing reviews.
     The only complaints I have would be in regards to the shipping time, as it took a little over a month for my state-side order to come. Half of the overseas order ( the cut stack 150)  has still not arrived and it's been around 50 days since I ordered it. The other half of the over seas order, the oral tablets came very quick, at about 12 -13 days from reciept of payment. Despite this complaint: their gear is legit, they have a great selection, and I'm thinking that the longer shipping times were just an abberation. Regardless, I have confidence that you're getting what you pay for and that customer satisfaction is of upmost importance. I do recommend them.

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