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I've received my third order from these guys, and are very impressed with their customer service and willingness to make things right. After I was informed that part of my order had been seized by customs, I let them know and sent bodygear a photo of the letter they sent me. Without any hassles or lengthy and time consuming correspondence, they expedited a new order to me from within the U.S. 
Within a week, I recieved two 10ml vials of Test E 300mg/ml. Originally I ordered two vials of a cut stack 100mg/ml test p and 50mg/ml of tren a. My point being is that they more than made up for hold up at customs, and more than made it right. U.S. Customs basically said that it will be destroyed and that steriods are illegal, no trouble or anything. Anyway, if you're worried that something will go wrong, these guys will take care of you, and everything else should be alright. Quality products and very legit.
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