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I've ordered a few times from these guys always been very happy with everything. I'm reviewing kalpa sustanon and kalpa tren ace. I ran .5 - .7 MLS of each everyday. Arimidex 1mg and proviron 50 mg on alternating days. Stopped a little early on the tren but just because I reached a goal and had been on a few months no bad sides. Bench and incline both went up 20 lbs in about a month. 1rm finally over 400 on bench. 355 on incline. Went from 550 on trapbar deadlift to over 600 now. No tren for 3 weeks now haven't lost strength at all. My goal was to go from 300 to 400lbs on bench in a year and body gear and hard work got me there in just over 10 months. Couldn't be happier or more grateful thanks guys!  Also had customs get one shipment and they very quicky resent from domestic. These guys make it rain awesome daily!

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Thanks for the review !!!

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