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Steroids D decatest  as usual hasn't let me down in any way. This is the way to go lads!

This is the stuff I need. It's my 8th (I think) course. I found the best way for me is to stick to the same steady 2ml per week. I've been bigger when stacking others ie dbols, boldonone, tren etc. but I like the way things are right now. My sleep, appetite, libido and moods are all round balanced. Life's good right now. The gains from t400 alone are so much better than anticipated. By this time I'd usually be stacking religiously with something else as well but it's all good and I don't see the need at least not yet anyway.

As for I personally think this should be in the top 3 sources available out there. Reliability and consistency is key to a happy purchase. And again I've not been let down in terms of service, products, speed, packaging and a friendly fast reply to any inquiries. This site has kept up with quality and reliability now for a load of orders (10+) and as long as that keeps going, I'll keep buying from them. The worst thing ever to have happened is the order was 1 day late and that's still a better record than any other source I've ever used.

Compliments I keep getting from my gains keep my spirits up and I'm planning on a pretty lengthy course because of this. Onyx and chemtech are some of the best brands, for me at least, I respond really well with onyx at the moment and so I won't be changing anytime soon.

Like I've always said "if it's not broke, don't fix it" and the test 400 onyx is perfect for me. I'm especially pleased at the fact that the sides have been minimal while gains have been very satisfactory to say the least. My Mrs also loves the results I'm getting and she's my wee world so, no complaints all round

Looking forward to the summer days coming ahead to feel confident again at long last as I was on a break from everything (trainings wise) as I had a kid last year and the gym got put aside. Great times ahead this summer while I'm confident I will look the way I want to again.

As of now, I plan on keeping it simple 1ml twice a week (the odd time I'll squeeze in 3ml) but I will probably end up stacking boldonone undeclynate at some point but not just yet. Incidentally, I have noticed in about roughly week 20 - 24 a massive boost. Somewhere in the regions of 30% not sure if it was my diet or genetically just ready for it but it I am extremely pleased with how this course is going right now.

Top marks to the prices are brilliant and the customer service and of course the products are all through the roof. Well done, keep it up :)
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