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Decatest is by far without a doubt hands down the best source I have dealt with. I have used a wide variety of products from a wide range of different labs and had amazing results from each and every one of them. Latest cycle I used was platinum labs test 350 along with Alpha Pharma Anadrol and Alpha Parabolin. I put on a monsterous amount of size with this stack. I would highly recommend decatest to anyone new to purchasing online or new to steroids in general. I plan on doing a comp some time next year and decatest has even offered to give me cycle advice and help wherever I need it to achieve the best look possible. I feel so lucky to have found this source as I was very sceptical about purchasing online but decatest has gone above and beyond expectations and continues to exceed them. I get my deliveries in more or less next day and it's extremely rare to come across a service decatest provides.  I view him as a good friend I've never even met due to the advice and motivation I get just by looking at the huge library of products he has on offer. If you haven't tried decatest out yet then I suggest you do so you will NOT be disapponted. Outstanding service 12/10. 

Vascularity, Hardness, Enourmous gains, Focused mind. Extremely happy with the effects of this stack as I'm continuing to build muscle and burn fat even after I finished my course. Parabolan is one of a kind for crazy strength and insane pumps. Vascularity is out of this world even at a double digit bf percentage
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